Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Social is your Social Marketing?

I have been inspired to write this post from an article I have just read that points exactly the “Why” so many companies are failing to succeed at their Social Media Campaigns… And the answer is ridiculously simple.  They fail to Listen first and Sell after. Listening first, communicating effectively is the only way to succeed with Social Media. Facebook changes are forcing businesses to stop bombarding their fans with what they have to offer, to step back and listen what the consumers want.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Small & Medium size business owners are happy with the ROI of Facebook adverts

Small and Medium size businesses that were unable to generate more than 500 likes into their pages pointed that they are very satisfied from the results Facebook ads have produced for them.
At the poll which has contacted from Payvment E-Commerce platform was revealed that 40% of the businesses who have run Facebook ads were happy from the results while 70% of them said that they would repeat their campaigns for the following reasons.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How New Timeline for Facebook Pages will affect Network Marketing

One of the industries will be affected the most by New Timeline for pages is the Network Marketing Industry. Up to now Direct Sellers had the so called Fan Gate to generate leads and everything was working perfectly. As the Fan Gates will not existing any more as landing pages, network marketers must adopt immediately new skills in order to remain in the game.
Here are 3 simple tips
1.    Produce more visual content. Videos and Pictures can help you a lot as they generate more interest than the other posts.
2.    Use lujure application. This fantastic free application gives you the opportunity to install iframes, paypal, skype, youtube, autoresponder, and many other goodies at your page in order to generate more traffic.
3.     Think like an Entertainer. Facebook wants to remain Social. Please consider that now more than every you have to adopt the “farmer’s attitude”. Be engaging, creative and humorous and I am very confident that your posts will remain longer on the News Feed Wall.